Sunday, August 3, 2008

1 year in 2 mins

Alright. So if this actually loads and plays for ya let me explain what it is. It hell air re us!!!! Go figure on the last day of my security job i find this video editing software that allows me to make videos! Wish i had found that months ago when they shut down the internet at work haha. Anyways, so i quickly grabbed some of my favorite moments caught on camera and put it together in tribute to my security job. This basically runs through my long day from getting to work in the early am to trying to entertain myself hahaha. Fun stuff and i hope you enjoy it.


- I get to work before half the city even wakes up.
- Turn on all the lights in the building.
- Make Coffee (i dont drink it though) :). Its for the workers. Kind of gives us something to do when we get there.
- I walk around and act like im looking for anything out of the ordinary.
- The bulk of my day is sitting at the front of the building with NOTHING to do but stay alive and stay awake which believe it or not is harder then you think LOL.
- Randomly i might catch a lady fall on her face or get to make copies and do a little penguin dance haha, but most the time im just trying to do something dumb in front of the cameras and not go crazy.

It was a good year, the company was great, but i am super stoked to not being doing that any more.



Menno said...

Oh my god Jake, that sounds like a nice job for let's say 2 weeks.. but not for a year! I understand completely that you enjoy the fact you don't have to work there anymoe. Especially when they take away your internet! The basterds! :p

However, I guess you wrote like 300 songs in the spare time you had? :-)

Talk to you soon!

Stephanie Stapleton said...

Wow that lady falling down was great. She probably thought no one saw it till you came out. There are cameras everywhere at my work too and I bet they catch some funny stuff.