Monday, August 4, 2008

Guess Whos Going to Coldplay!

I got tickets to COLDPLAY!!! They are hitting SLC in November. Still aways off by my seat is solid and im totally there!!! My life will be revolving around these tickets in November thats for sure. Mandy and I will both be going and we will have wonderful baby sitters. Cant wait. Next up is Jack Johnson in two weeks from today! Super siked cause i always said the three bands i have to see before i die (knock on wood) are Jack, Coldplay, and Dave. If you know know me well enough you'll know who Dave is :).

Enjoy this new music video from my favorite band.

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Menno said...

I like Coldplay very much, but I just can't get used to their new album. I realy tried you know. Putting their new album on my mp3 player, forcing myself to listen to it while going to work. But the fact is.. I still don't like what I hear. The previous albums all have quality, but this new one, I don't know.

Let's try again! (walking to mp3 player and go for a walk)

Talk to you later!