Sunday, August 3, 2008

School Starting Weekend

This weekend we have Mandys mom in from Billings and Mandys Niece Emma hanging out with us. Jakey had his screening for kindergarten on Friday. He had fun and the teacher didnt seem worried about anything. Jakey said he messed up on numbers and letters but he said he really liked rhyming. Thats my boy. I'm all about having creative kids :).

We did some school shopping this weekend too. Got Jakey hooked up and fresh to def thanks to some help from Grandma Rae. He got some new shoes and to try them out he pull a sonic the hedgehog and ran around the store at full speed haha. He is very excited for school and hit new kicks and cloths.

I on the other hand just hope he has so much fun. My little boy is going to school!!!!!! Crazy. Pretty emotional for me actually. It'll be fun to watch and help him go through school though. Your the man Jakey Boy!!

Camera phone pictures :)

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