Wednesday, June 4, 2008


So here's a little update on the show and the week i had in Hawaii. I'm still on a high from it and haven't slowed down from wanting more. Here are some clips of things i did in Hawaii. The first clip is me singing "feel the breeze" thats a Jack Johnson style song that i wrote about how things on the island always seem different when you return. Always good but always changing. I also performed Wise Words on the air for him but i will be promoting the one i did with Roxy at bellow instead.

Doctor Trey is one of Hawaii's top producers and runs a studio out of Kaneohe Hawaii. He also has a pod cast that he'll do from time to time. Always a good time and i listen in as much as i can. Check out the podcast here. I actually met Roxy through Trey and met Trey cause he was one of my "Believers" that helped me fund my album at Always a good time kicking back and shooting or i guess in this cause "feel(ing) the Breeze". Thanks Trey, Bran, and Vern for hanging and letting me play a couple songs.

Vern Brown from filmed me playing two songs in Treys Studio.


This next clip is fun and makes me miss home just watching it. Roxy will usually (like 99.9% of the time) be walking down the beach on a very regular basis and talk to her viewers about different thing going on in her life and in the world. She is very supportive of local musicians and i was lucky enough to hang with her and do another beach walk with Rox :). Check it out. Make sure and listen through my interview cause i sing "wise words" and im happy with the way that came out. My nose sounds a bit stuffed LOL but i like the vibe and some of the runs i randomly throw in. I swear that song is different every time i've done it lately haha. Enjoy.

Wise Words & Interview

This last clip is actually the last song i did at the big BYUH show. It was the Hanahou which in Hawaii means 'encore'. The rest of the show is still being edited so I'll be posting that as soon as i get it. For now this clip from my friend Lindsey will be my teaser. That night was very special for me and very fun. To see so many people come out in support of my music was very validating. By doing that show i will now be putting together another proposal for more shows at the other colleges on the island which i am very excited about that even being a possibility. Other then the footage of the concert i also did a music video which i am waiting on as well. Probably wont be holding my breath but as always will post that when i get it ;). To rap this post up i will say that this was defiantly a highlight of 2008.

My Friends | BYUH Show


kandi said...

WooHoo!! You ROCK! I'm glad that the show was such a sucess! Loved the 'Beach Walks with Rox' interview and 'Wise Words'. I love all of your music! As soon as Scott and I are rich (still not holding our breath), we're going to be your groupies and follow Cubworld around. ;) Sounds like a good time to me!!!!

John and Lindsey said...

I was hoping there would be a "hanahou"!