Saturday, June 7, 2008

Dont Quit Your Day Job

I am a part time security guard LOL. So the suckyest part of my day job is that i have to wake up at 4am just to get to work on time. For the most part though i like my job, for now. It's temporary but it keeps money flowing to take care of bills. The coolest part is that in the 9 months that I've worked there they have let me get time off for gigs and not once complained about me being gone which i am really impressed by. Do you know how hard it is to keep a good day job and do music at the same time? It can be pretty tough so i for sure am counting my blessing with this one.

So at work we have about 30 cameras all over the building running 24/7. I get to watch these bad boys (BORING! haha) during my shift and one this day i thought it might be fun to find myself on the play back, take screen shots, and share with you what it a day at work might look like. All these shots are during the first hour of my shift so you wont see anyone around the building. I turn on the lights, make the coffee, and make a round every morning. The making the coffee part still cracks me up. Not super fun or exciting but im pretty stoked to have this as a documentation of one of my many jobs.


John and Lindsey said...

that's so cool- nice to see you at "work"

Jake said...

hahaha. "work" I chill the whole time so i'd hardly call it work. Good temp job though :).