Thursday, May 22, 2008

I think im going to crash

Man i've been on the go today just as i thought i'd be. I needed to meet with Travis about a music video and fridays show at 9am so i woke up hat 8:50 hahaha. I met with him, this other cool cat Joel Martin showed up to shoot the music video at 10am and we were at it all the way till 4pm and thats when i needed to meet with Natalie Norton for a photo session. We took shots for an hour and then i got a sec to throw a load of laundry in the wash LOL. Jumped in my brothers truck with Chad and we went to Kailua for band practice with UY. MAN I AM SUPER STOKED!! Marc, Tom, and Demitri are ON IT! They nailed it tonight with my songs and i am super stoked that my show will be ending with them helping me on 4 of my songs. Its going to be so strong. We have another practice tomorrow and then show time on Friday. SUPER STOKED and now its time for sleep. Aloha. Another full day tomorrow. :)

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