Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Go go gadget CUBWORLD

So i have yet to slow down and enjoy Hawaii since i've landed. Like i havent been able to just stop and really realize that im home and that i can relax a bit. Crazy but true. I've been on the go all day and tomorrow actually looks crazier then the last two days. Im going to try and sneek in a nap though cause man i really need one and i need to rest my voice and my body better before Friday.

Anyways, so i go to hang out today with Shane and Roxy from an awesome video posdcast called Beach Walks with Rox we shot a couple videos that will be up on her site in a couple days. Check out the rest of her videos too. She usually walks along the beach and talks about current events and just cool things that she feels like talking about. She has tons of viewers and is award winning for her site. It was very fun and i actually did feel like i got to slow down a bit and chill while hanging with them at the beach. When the videos come out i'll have to post them here as well. Aloha!


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