Sunday, May 18, 2008

Hawaii Five HOME!!!!

Landed in Hawaii in the afternoon with beautiful breeze and 100% humidity!! Call me crazy but thats my kind of weather haha. Joel picked me up and straight away (almost religiously) went to L&L! Got the works and headed to his place for da kine grinds!(That means 'to eat' in local terms). I spend the night here and went to church with them. We hung out at my sister in laws after church and had some more onolishious food followed by a happy birthday to Isi boy. The kids 10 years old!! What the chicken!? That makes me feel old. I was still in high school when he was born and here he is now 10 on Tuesday.

Oh and a random light went on in my head at church today. "Email yourself pictures off your phone" i did it and it worked! I emailed myself the first picture on my phone which is of my sister in law Meilani posing with some L&L grinds.

Great to be home. Missing Mandy though and wish she and the kids where here. I'm headed to my parents house in La'ie tonight after hanging out on a post cast with Dr. Trey.

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