Friday, May 16, 2008

Bitter Sweet

So tomorrow morning i take off on my journey to the mother land a.k.a Hawaii! Im very excited for the trip and stoked to do a show at BYUH. BUT i'm going to miss my wife and my little ones very much. Jakey is so cute, i was hugging him and talking to him about taking care of mommy while i was away and he told me "you dont have to worry about us when your gone dad." Stuff like that makes me just fill with emotion. One time i was having a bad day and Jakey asked me if i was happy and i told him "No daddy's not feeling very happy today" and his reply was "well you have to try to be happy dad." Wise Words! If you want to be happy you have to try to be happy. Anyways, i hope Mandy and the boys have tons of fun with her family and i will be wishing the whole time that they could be with me in Hawaii.

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