Tuesday, April 1, 2008

9 years!!!

What a day to have an anniversary hey? Well it Has been nine years since Jake finally held my hand up on the point and started our dating relationship:) Holy Crap I feel a million years old. I'm 26 and Ive been with Jake for the last nine years. Nine!! I keep saying it over and over trying to make it sound real. Time has just flown!! We dated about seven months before his mission then when he got home we got married like that day...lol...its been an interesting journey:) 6years of marriage have been sooooo cool. No more saying goodnight and having a curfew and stuff like that. I love waking up to Jake and I love when he comes home:) I am such a better person because of him. He is so fun and exciting to be around. He always makes me Laugh and gives me goose bumps with his music. I love when he sings the boys to sleep:) He is such an awesome daddy!! I thank my lucky stars everyday that I have such an awesome husband:)
=There are so many things I could talk about today. All the wonderful things about Jake or all the fun things we have done or something:) what a crazy couple of years here in Utah. We are learning and growing and really happy. Jake is performing and making music and loving it. It is super stressful and exciting and fun and so nice to have my home full of his songs. It has been so exciting to watch Jake become a performer and to see his confidence grow. I am so so so proud of him for making our dreams a priority. I don't know very many people who put it all on the line and make an honest effort to make a living at the thing they love most:) Jake is such an inspiration. I never would have imagined our lives to be what they are now nine years ago. I was 17 and excited to have such a nice guy to date:D Oh what a hottie!! hehe;D SO nine nine nine. I still feel 17 just so much more in love and with three kids:) I still get butterflies when I think of Jake and how he looks at me and how he loves us:) I feel so overwhelmed when I think about how far we have come and how much we have learned. We love this life and I cant wait to see what happens in the next nine years:)
Happy anniversary baby:) Yaeee!!!


Katie & Co. said...

You guys are so cute! I remember Mandy kissing Jake's letters and pictures while he was gone on his mission. I can't believe it was that long ago too! Hope to see everyone when we move back to Utah! Love you guys.

Anonymous said...

Jake & Mandy! Jake & Mandy! Jake & Mandy! Look at you guys! 9 years & such a beautiful family. I love all your little ones. You guys truly are just the best all around. You work so perfect together.
Jake, congrats on Cubworld!!! Just a couple of months ago at work I had to read an article about all the new technology that's coming out & they were talking about that website you got big on (sorry, can't remember the name) & they mentioned you!! I was sooo excited!
We miss you guys & love you lots, lots, lots!

BionicKatie said...

looking good guys. love the posts and the pictures. love the picture of Bella. I can't wait to meet her. hope you guys come to family dinner soon. Feel free to visit my blog at http:/bionickatie.blogspot.com. Congrates on the 9 years of marriage.

Cousin Katie

Andersons "Stand Sure" said...

I am taking total credit for the happy ending of this fairy tale. It was my careful coaching of Jake before he left on his mission about how to treat a wonderful lady when she "waits" for a missionary that resulted in this amazing little eternal family. He was a wise man to follow my counsel. I just love happy "beginnings."
Auntie Laura Lee