Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Jake in NYC 2007

Okay so let me explain this video for ya. I edited this and believe me you do not want to watch the original. The film director had a guy dress up in drag (as in drag queen) and chase me around new york city. Ask me what that has to do with WISE WORDS? I have no EFin idea hahaha. In the end he traps me on a dock and all he wants is to give me shades to look out into the world through. Again, what does this have to do with wise words? I don't have the slightest hahaha. SO! This is where i came in and found nice footage but with no purpose and editedededededed it up and put a song that was 'kind of' more relevant Bob Marley's 'Runnin Away' So that's the story. Don't ask me for the original cause I'd be tempted to show you and then you'll never look at me the same hahahaha. Trust me. The drag was pretty scary.

We took a whole day doing this shoot and i sprinted up and down New York streets all day. My feet died at the end of that day and the next day i couldn't feel my legs. Another FYI for ya about this day is that a great photographer came a long and took some photos of me through out the day and the cover of my album is actually from that fun exercising day.

There's a little behind the scenes for ya of the making of the 'dragg queen chasing Jake while taking album cover pictures' video :).

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