Sunday, March 30, 2008

Sick Gilmore Girls Marathon

The family has been under the weather lately. Sucks cause the kids just got better just over a week ago. Anyways, you know how sometimes when you want to buy something and your wife or your siblings also feel like they should get something too? haha well, i totally "NEEDED" an external hard drive so i can have space on my computer to get back into my creative mode with music and art...Anyways, So Mandy made a request as well :). Gilmore Girls Season 2. She got season 1 for easter, 2 from me, and had 3 from a while ago. Lots more to catch up on but the under the weather mode shot her into marathon mode. Dont tell any of the guys but i watch it all the time with her too hahahaha. Dude, "Rory's hot!" ;) hahahahahaha.

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