Friday, March 28, 2008

Looking for new music? | Meet Benton Paul

Yes i know, his first name sounds like his last name and the other way around but don't let that throw ya cause this kids album is awesome. Local Utah musician Benton just release his debut album and there are gems on it. Here's a link to his website to get you started: Check out iTunes and get a copy of the album if you dig it.

I met Benton randomly in a facebook email. He messaged me saying he was a scout from Deseret Industries and he wanted to know if i thought my music would be considered Christian. Long story short on that i do feel that although not all the tracks could go on an EFY track i do feel as though all my songs are Christian based. I say this cause every topic of my songs has to do with my moral, my perspective (eternal), be it love, thankfulness, or who i am, it all goes back to what i have learnt as a Christian. Anyways, so Benton and i started talking and then one day i get another email from him asking me to come out to an awesome studio to sing some back up vocals for his album. This was a good couple months ago. You know I'm always down to hit the studio so i went. What was real cool was there where about 8 other awesome musicians that showed up and all of them had albums, one some music contest here in Utah or something cool musically so of course i had to network a little ;).

It was tight working with Benton for an evening and the album in my opinion is GREAT and i highly recommend any reader of this to give him a listen. Enjoy.

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