Thursday, March 27, 2008


Whats on your itunes? I'm currently still finding song in my library i haven't listened to. I had a friend take my Mac to pimp (upgrade) it out and it came back with everything i needed and then some PLUS 30gigs of music. I found some of my favorite new artists in the new additions. Anyways. Music is ALWAYS on my mind. Writing something new or listening to it you'll catch me itching for it if you go a day with out it. I'll sleep with my headphones on if you let me. Heck ask Mandy, I've fallen asleep with the guitar still in my hands. Obsession you ask? DUH! haha. Music is more then a hobby to me, its a passion, a motivating tool that drives me to want to make more. Music is my escape and my part of my emotional chords. Music gets me in in all kinds of moods *wink wink* haha! Get your mind out of the gutter! Music excites me, makes me dance, head bang, and can even slow me down when my mind moves to fast. To me most of the time "Life IS Music"

I've been working on a lot of songs lately. its gotten to the point where I'm itching bad to get back on Sellaband and raise another 50K for another album. This time around my goal is to blow myself away with this album and FYI, I'm recording it in Utah using friends. I have so many talented friends there's no reason i should waist money and time away from my family to go to the big City to record. Also if i do it local i can take the time i need to make an album I'm 100% proud of.

The creative juices are still flowing my friends. I actually feel like I'm going to explode if i don't do something about it soon :) haha. This Saturday i have a free session to do some acoustic tracks down in Provo. I'm stoked! Hope to get some good things down. Stay tuned and I'll send you some tracks.

Thanks for listening :)

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