Thursday, September 18, 2008


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1 - I wait to fold my laundry till it is all done. which results in HUGE piles everywehre and really wrinkly clothes to send everyone off with.:D...its the style right:D

2 -I like to take a shower before I work out:D

3 - I like to clean my kitchen before I make anything in there. sooo basically if the kitchen is a mess my family has mcdonalds:D..thats bad...haha

4 - I really hate shoes. In high school for paddling we had to run three miles everyday and I hated carrying my shoes with me so I started running barefoot.(nobody wears shoes in Hawaii) LOVED THE NO SHEOS THING> if I could I would go barefoot everywhere! especially to feel the cool grass in my toes...yaeee for cool grass ;D

5 -When Im really nervous I talk a lot. I dont think before I say things then and most of the time say really dumb least it makes people laugh. one time I met Sheri Dew and I cant remember exactly what I said but it was something like hey my mom is single so we belong together...HAHAHA. I was so starstruck!! hahah. funny day..ill never get over that emberassing:D.

6 - If there is candy anywhere in my house Iwill eat it till its gone. I have Zero self controle when it comes to yummy sweets. if i avoid buying it i dont eat it but when its here ....oh its sooo gone:D

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