Thursday, September 18, 2008

Blogger Competition!!

Hi everyone:D
So Im thinking of incentives to get people to look into Jakes sellaband profile:D...This is just an idea and you all can email me and give me better ideas but I was thinking we could have a blogging competition:D..We need exposure and I thought grass roots is the best way:D...
In case you dont know Jake(aka Cubworld) just put up new music at and he has almost raised 5K and its only the first day:D.. !! how freaking cool is that:D... anyways we would love to break all kinds of records with lots of new believers in very little time. You all are my friends and I thought what better way than to get everyone involved:D..most of you have great blogs and Im super excited to get started blogging right now on my blogs:D yaeee:D...
anyways here is an example

1.who can make the coolest blog about Jakes new sellaband profile ...pick a or t-shirt

2.who can get the most comments saying people checked it out ...pick a or t-shirt

3.who ever brings in the most believers(new believers just need to leave you a comment or you can just tell me cuz were all honest here:D and yes you count as a new believer if you havn't gotten your part yet:D or if you already got it today:D)...will get two prizes of their choice..t-shirt, cd, gift part:D

so if you need any info let me know. Ill send out a follow up if I get any better ideas but ready set GO!! :D
I havent asked yet but Ill find judges for the first category:D
Nat the ultimate blogger maybe:D...hehehe

t-shirts...check em out at
cds...check em out at
a gift part (a gift part is me buying you a part in jakes new album and sending it to your profile:D

I know most of you would do this for free but I thought it would be fun to add some prizes and make it interesting.

if you blog about Jake let me know and Ill link it in my blog and jakes blog:D...yaeee!!! love you guys. have fun:D

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