Thursday, May 8, 2008

Whos going to Jack Johnson!? I AM!!!

Okay guys. Im super stoked about this. My brother and sister in law are hooking my up for my birthday this year with JACK JOHNSON TICKETS!!!!! This is huge and let me tell you why.

2. I've never seen Jack play live
3. There are three concerts i have to see before i die
Jack Johnson
Dave Matthews

Thats one check off my "make a wish" list :).Konwing my top three on my list you now might know why i was totally bumbed to miss Jacks Kokua Festival this year, he had Dave Matthews play at it! Two of my favorite bands on the same stage!! Only thing better then that would be if Coldplay flew in on a Helicopter and ended the show haha. Nothing like live music.

Guess what guys!? IM GOING TO SEE JACK JOHNSON!!! August 18th.


John and Lindsey said...

John flew over a Jack Johnson concert on his way to Molokai (I think it was that Kokua festival). That's as close as he's been.

Jake said...

hahaha. Rad. Jack Johnson by air. I spotted him cruising the north shore the day before we moved out here. I rolled down my window and scream "JACK!" and he threw up the shaka. Thats the closest i've been to a Jack Johnson show LOL. But now with TICKETS im totally ampted.

mandy said...

WAHOOOO!!! im soooo excited for you baby!!! Wahoooo again:)

Julie said...

Hello, fellow Blogger! I was busily blogging about the awesome Jack Johnson concert last night, and since I was far, far, far away from the stage, I had to Google a good pic of him. Your blog popped up. So, I am swiping the pic, and I hope you had a great time at the concert! I am soooooo jealous that you are going to ColdPlay.

Nice to "meet" you! Stop by my blog anytime! :D