Monday, May 5, 2008

Online Posters

Spread the word if you can to people back home. A lot of promotions has already gone on for the show but i cant help but help out with my online techniques LOL. Pass this info along if you have contacts in Hawaii. I'd love to sell out this home town show.
Click on image to see Larger

Photo by Michelle Kehoe Wood


mandy said...

you are gunna put on an amazing show. i wish i could be there but I am sooo soo sooo excited for you and happy that you get to do this!!! yaeee!! you better do an amazing job so they bring you back and we can all go together that are sooo hot:) love you...Mandy

Meilani said...

Just put this on my blog. Can't wait to see you Jake. =)

Kim said...

I like the picture that Michelle took. Great looking poster. Who did the graphic design. We are going to miss that one. Anything happening this coming week. We will be there. I'm so excited to visit with all my friends. I hope you are doing great! Maybe I'll get a chance to see you too.

Jake said...

FYI i did the graphic design work. I love photoshop! :)