Thursday, January 7, 2010

Baby Gavin

I remember a few years ago seeing Unkie bounce up the stairs and give little Raleigh a toss in the air and then catch him in a big unkie hug. Gavin was the best uncle EVER! I loved seeing the boys run for him and talk about him and love him. Gavin soon left us to live in a much better place. He loved his nephews so much and he has been sorely missed. He has been a guardian angel with hugs and reassurance from heaven I am sure.
Now all this time later as I hear that my friends little baby has gone to live in that much better place too, I imagine Unkie's little name sake running up to him and getting tossed in the air and landing in a big Unkie hug. Baby Gavin David Bruce Norton is now with Unkie and many others who love and adore him in that eternal place of love and peace. Good bye for now baby Gavin. Im so sorry I didnt meet you here but I just cannot wait to meet and wrap my arms around you someday. Your little life brought the world together Gavin. Ill always remember and be greatful for your little stay on earth. We will miss you. We know you have more important things to do right now so thankyou for the short time you gave us. I know that because of our Savior we will be together again. Our families will get together and play at the beach in heaven.
Auntie & Uncle &Jakey & Zion & Bella


Kahilau said...

What sweet memories and a fabulous visual for me. Thank you for sharing that!

Tori said...

Can I join you and Gavin? It sounds so wonderful. My heart goes out to Gavin's family. I'm so sad, but happy at the same time.

Meilani said...

Very sweet thoughts Mandy. Joel and I have been thinking a lot about Natalie and her family. We are praying for them. We also read her blog posts which were so tender and strong. What a huge loss.

Anonymous said...

sweet memories still there and remains

Anonymous said...

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