Monday, October 19, 2009

Do you believe in magic?

I once heard a story about someone keeping two bottles full of rice and water. For a year this person would visit these bottles and be very positive to one and negative to the other. After a year they noted the effects and they showed complete opposite effects. One was just like the day the rice was put in the bottle and the other was moldy and dark. The experiment was to show the effects of attitude towards everyday things and how if your attitude can effect rice then how much more your attitude can effect people.

Okay so I'm pretty sure our neighbors wont be reading this blog but if they do i apologize for using your tree in my experiment :). Not you Heather and Sherman but the other neighbors LOL. So i tried this for a month. I have to note that these neighbors have keep up their yard very well and they have people come in every week to tend it. My yard on the other hand, yea... i wish i had the money to hire people to tend it. Thats not why i chose their yard LOL. I chose it cause these two trees are right at the end of my driveway (one of each side) so i figured they'd be exposed to the same amount of wind, sun, rain, etc.

So check out these pictures below. I'm no scientist but coincidence? Maybe. Still i think i did a real good job and being mean to one and nice to the other hahaha. Baby talk to the one and bad talking the other. Crazy results.

Our Tree

The "Other" Tree

So i guess sticks and stone break bones and words can leave bruises.


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Leilani said...

I completely agree with your final statement. I always talk nicely to my plants because of this. I wish I was as nice to my husband as the plants. :)

Nisal said...

cool :)