Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Just bloggin.

The last few months have been super fun for me!!:D Ive been walking Jakey to school and getting to know my friends more on the walks and then after the walks at the Church we work out our bodies:D Yaeee bodies:D haha. I have lost a little wt but I the coolest thing is the mental health the working out gives me! I get more done around the house I feel better about mself, and I have way more energy:D It usually takes me about a year to a year to two years to feel like myself again after I have a baby and this has been no acception.
Moving to Utah was way super hard for me emotionally and then I got knocked up lol and all the progress I was making went out the window but finally I feel like im moving along again spiritually and I have some amazing friends and things are exciting for me:D Things are always exciting for Jake but I finally feel like I have some things to be excited about on my own and there is really nothing cooler.
Im writing my dark vs. Light book and it might take me ten years but Im having so much fun being creative and thinking about having a book that I love:D Im also having fun with Twilight ladies and planing (kinda more like hanging out with people who are planning) the New Moon shin dig:D Planning parties and events is soooo FUN and being a part of one so big is soooo cool:D I know im a freak but Im not the only one lol:D hehe. Its nice to have company:D
Sooo anyways things are good and Im trying to start up with the blogging again so I can have a record for our family:D lol. So here we go:D lets hope our next post is in less than a week...month? haha k alohaz:D


Erin said...

I am so excited for you. It is so great that you have these fun activities going on- I now know how it can be difficult to figure out to be your own person when you are a mom. Make sense? I think you know what I mean. Anyways, I wanted to say that we will be in town next weekend and are planning a waffle night on Sunday night at Taylors place in Provo. We really, really want to see you and the kiddies. And we want you to meet Tanner too. We will get the details to you but hope that you can plan on coming:)

Atwood Ohana said...

Good for you mandy! It's so important to find ways just for you to get motivated and excited about life. It's great bein a mom...but we need things that remind us that we are women and need to feel beautiful inside and out! Love ya sweetie! I am so proud of you!