Sunday, September 13, 2009

Happy Birthday to the Best Hubby in the world:D

Jake is just amazing:D He loves kids:D He loves his family:D He loves having FUN!!:D and he knows how to have a good time:D He is laid back and easy going but passionate about his art and his family:D I love watching him with the kids! He is a big kid himself so its always fun:D Im super proud of him!! These are just some fun pics from the last couple of years. He is just so cool and so fun and Im so excited to spend my life with him:D GOOOOOO JAKE:D!!!!!

Jake is beloved by so many people:D he Loves them all right back:D these are our BYUH friends at our reunion this year:D

He has a totally serious side:D hehe:D

He loves his nieces and nephews:D He seriously loves his family. They are some of the coolest peeps in the world:D Dont mess with them! or you will meet a whole other Jake.

Loves His Grandpa and taking roadtrips:D He was on his way to see His big bro ROB graduate:D Did I already say he loves his family? cuz he really really really does:D

Zion is soooo happy when Daddy comes home:D He used to get super excited and yell MOMMMEEEEEE!! but now he says DADDEEEEEEEEE!! both yells were for Jake:D He is such a good daddy full of love and concern for our little ones.

He hates the snow so I had to take a picture of him out there slaving away for us:D hehe. No really he wont even play in the snow for more than five min. He hates it. Its hard to find things that Jake doesnt like with so much passion:D He is usually pretty laid back about things. Snow though oh how he wishes he could melt it with his lazer beam eyes:D lol...k moving on:D

Here he is weaving a sticker for our closet:D He can really focus. He is really good at anything he puts his mind to. He draws and paints and does graphic design and plays sports and sings and plays instuments and its really just sickening Jake. He has so many gifts its crazy that he is so humble about it all:D

Jake always plays for the kids and starts them on their musical journeys early. This is Jake and Bells. He loves his little princess:D

Jakey boy is just like his daddy. He draws for hours and worries about his family and loves his friends:D They have been peas and carrots since day one:D I still remember the look on Jakes face the first time we saw him:D proud and happy and full of emotions. So cute:D It was such a beautiful moment:D Did I already say he is the best daddy EVER? cuz he totally ROCKS as a daddy:D

This pic is just so Jake with Gracie and Emma. Chillin colloring and laughing with the family:D geez Im so lucky!! :D He is the only guy I ever dated who my big sis actually aproved of:D thank goodness HAHA:D I am so happy with him and so excited for all the ooozing potential he has just in his pinky nail:D hehe. He is just amazing and I am so in love:D thankyou Jake for being so awesome! Happy Birthday:D

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Meilani said...

He really is a great dad, father, uncle, brother, son etc. We love you Jake! Happy Bday.