Friday, April 17, 2009

A Childs Prayer

K so I have had so many experiences with prayer and I know that it is real and that God Hears us every word. I was inspired by my good friend who always always always tells her kids to pray for help and guidance with EVERYTHING!!:D she is so faithful. Anyways so This morning my Jakey boy couldnt find his brown fuzzy crock(shoe) so he could go to school so I remembered Liz and decided to not be scared and just make the kid pray. SOoooo Jakey went into his room knelt down to pray and then as soon as he stood up he found his shoe in his lego box!!...I told him to say thankyou right away!! Isnt that soooo cool That Heavenly Father took time out of his buisy scedual with running the universe and all to answer a childs prayer to help him find his shoe? I love that!!.

I had a cool experience a while ago when Jake was on his mission. Jake gave me a love ring before he left (of Course haah) I wore it everywhere but it was too big and slipped off when I got active. Anyways so I was going for a run at night and tied it in my shoelace knot so I wouldnt loose it. I was running and running and then I went back to campus and sat down for dinner. I forgot about the ring for a little bit till I looked down at my shoes. I was with all my buddies and I realized the ring was soooo gone!! I RANNN out of there so fast to go look. I remembered hearing a ting and thinking nothing of it running down the back ally to Mcdonalds by PCC. Anyways as I was running there was this guy walking down the road too and I knew he was investigating the curch. anyways I didnt really think anything of that either except he theres that guy whos ivestigating the church HAHA K so anyways its a dark road and im looking and looking wating for cars to pass to light up the road. I was so scared I had lost that ring and Heavenly Father knew how much it meant to me. Anyways so finally I really stopped and said a heartfelt prayer for help and guess what was sparkling up at me as I opened my eyes and guess who was walking back towards me from Mcdonalds? It was just a girl and just a ring and just a little prayer, in the grand sceem of things it was soo minor but to me in that moment it was EVERYTHING. I knew God Loved me and that He would help me and I knew he was trying to build the faith of that investigator too. I told him what had happened cause we were just happenin to be walking down the same street at the same time and he saw everything. All he said was "Wow thats faith right there" Dont know if it effected him but it sure effected me:D Im so greatful for faith building experiences like that even though it was a small thing it makes me feel so big inside:D like Im worth the effort for Him:D we all are and i want my kids to know that too. Anyways so there is my story:D love to anyone who reads this:D I had to write it down so Jakey could look back and remember

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Jake, Heather, and Jadin said...

Mandy....this was soooo cute! I have been trying to think of a way to start Jade on saying prayers. I guess the best way is to just start and include him in Jake and my prayers. I thought this was so sweet that Jakey found his shoe right away and that will probably stick with him a LONG time. By sharing this story, I am SURE a lot of more people are going to get their kids to kneel down too. thanks sweetie!!!!