Monday, January 5, 2009

Happy Birthdy Jakey Boy!!!!

Jakey is SIX!! Thankyou to everyone who came and helped out with the party!! All the friends. Aunti Liana and Uncle Joel and Heather!! you guys ROCK!!! and made my life so easy:D love yas:D mandy

ps a special shout out to the Penders for coming and chillin'!! love you guys:D

Jakey invited some fun friends and cuzins to the party:D Totally fun kids. We had all of the Utah cousins which happen to be all girls:D We LOVE girls:D Anna Eryn Leina JoJo(babyboy cuz) We had Some awesome friends too. Sophie..Jakey says he is gunna marry that cutie pie Sophie:D then Anne Our lovely Neighbor and friend who is always fun to have around. Ethen was there! That boy is so cool! very much needed fellow six year old boy:D Konnor was there too though he missed most of the pics. He is a super cute little guy too. Jackson came over too so Zion could have a buddy:D we had so much fun. Ill put more pics up of everyone:D

We had fun opening presents and hitting a fish:D

Uncle Joel and Joseph(Jojo) Thanks Joel for all your help!! you made the party freaking awesome:D

pre party prep:D My helpers:D

I think Ill leave my kitchen this way:D we totally decked it out with dinos:D I just drug out every dino we had. Jakey wants to be a super Hero Dinosaur when he grows up:D

This cake was a blast! Its a Triceratops with a super Hero suit on:D yaee:D I think if I gave it another go it would have turned out better but were just gunna eat it..haha:D I was happy with it:D and Jakey seemed to like it:D I cant believe that candle says SIX!!!!

K that was lots of Pics and there are a million more. I didnt get any of Jackson:( but we had fun with his family there:D

Important totally rad things that happened this year!
1.Kindergarten!!! Jakey had Mrs. Scholts at first but she had a baby and now has Mrs. Ashley. He LOVES school:D

2. Became a big brother to a little sister:D He is seriously the coolest kid around when it comes to loving his siblings. I couldnt have asked for a better brother for my other kids:D

3. Visiting Emma and Gracie for Christmas! That was a huge Highlight for him!! I loves those guys. very sad when he figured out he couldnt marry them:D

4. He graduated from sunbeams finished a year as a CTR5 and is now a CTR6!! I just cant believe it!! He sets a great example for Zion who is now a Sunbeam:D so fun!

5. Jakey learned how to play playstation two. Rampage was his favorite game.

6. Jakey now eats carrots and Broccoli! that is great. its fun to see him trying new things these days

7. Jakey has been making lots of books lately and he is always drawing and coming up with fun things to create. He can make anything look cool. Im very proud of his hard work on his art skills.

8. Jakey knows his letters and numbers and is learning more everyday. Its so fun to see him learning and growing too!! he is sooooo big! in a good way:D

9. We read 1st Nephi with Jakey this year and took him out for icecream when we finished. Ware loving 2nd Nephi right now:)

10. Jakey has made so many new friends this year. He is a good friend and I think is smart about who he makes friends with. Ive really enjoyed wathcing him interact with the world more this year. He is such a sweek little boy:D

My first impression of Jakey when he was born was power or strength. He has such a sweet spirit. I know we were friends long before he came here:D I love seeing his compassion and kindness towards his siblings and his friends. He is so eager to learn new things and that is totally exciting for me. He is very obedient and tries very hard to follow the rules. He is a TOTAL artist and is always doing something creative. I cannot wait to see what happens in the next six years. Oh I just feel so blessed and so greatful for my little boy. He would be so mad if he knew I was calling him little but really he will always always be my baby boy. Love you jakey:D

things to accomplish this year!!
1. Reading
2. Memorizing some scriptures..Articles of faith maybe:D
3. Finish Book of Mormon
4. make more books
5. Make sports a bigger part of life
6. Have more picnics:D


Tori said...

Happy Birthday Jakey! You are such a wonderful little man. I'm glad you want to marry Sophie.

Mandy, I love the cake. With all you had going on it turned out awesome.

Sophie had a blast at the party and is still talking about it.

Carmen (Cholico) Lynch said...

Happy Birthday Jackey!

TanuvasaCasa said...

Happy birthday Jakey!!! I can't believe he is 6 already. Time has gone too fast. I don't know why, but you just assume that once a kid moves away, he will stay little forever! We sure miss you guys.