Sunday, December 21, 2008


So i decided that i want to start posting my pictures from my phone. Not the best quality but still i take a lot of pics with my phone that i dont want to loose so this is the best place i can think of to store these. Enjoy.

You might not know this but i am going to try and grow my hair out "again"! Its a long story about the last time i grew my hair out but here we go again. I've been growing it for about 2 or 3 months now. I'm thinking of not cutting it till it gets warm next spring or so. I think im just passing the really gay stage and crossing into the real greaser stage LOL. Thats what Mandy said this morning anyways.

Our little buddy Abi just got baptized and i feel REAL BAD that we missed it! I hadn't seen her till today and snapped this picture of her and her sister. Cute girls matching even :). Congratulations on getting baptized my little friend :).

So this one came out blurry but whatever, its a camera phone haha. This is jakeys new hoodie! You ever have those moments when your shopping for your kids and you see something small that you really wish they had in your size? This is the hoodies! I'm obsessed with hoodies FYI. Anyways, i saw Jake looking all spaced out at church today and snapped this picture of him LOL. NICE HOODIE!!!

My dad (Big Isi Dogg) came into town this week. Not for very long but long enough to make me REALLY MISS HIM AGAIN!! I love my dad and i'm glad i got to see him. My boys loved sleeping with Grandpa. One of the things my dad and i did while he was hear was paint two walls in our living room. Mandy wanted a red but i thought it would be to risky to get the right red so i played it safe like i usually do LOL and went with my favorite, an earth color. You almost cant even tell it's different but once i get some Sweet Wall Decals on that wall you'll see what im talking about. I dont think i've talked about Sweet Wall on here yet. More to come on that. Love having you hear dad and we miss you and mom so much! We hope to see you in 2009.

And of course i have to post a picture of Zion "Living the life" this 3 year old is a stud. Real strong, climbs and runs into anything hahaha. He is a handful but so much fun to watch grow.

These are the shots i wanted to post first. I want to do this more often so i can keep all these memories as they pass by instead of just storing them on my phone till it dies.


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