Sunday, December 7, 2008

Getting Tough

Good friends from work, Bear and Nes came over Friday night and hung out. They just got a little puppy that needs a lot of love so they brought him too. I knew the boys would love a little puppy visit. Tough is the name of their pup. I'm not good with remembering types of dogs so im going to say it was a pit bull. Super cute and i should have taken more pictures. It's been so long since i've had a dog. Because it was getting late Tough was tired and cuddle up on the pillows with the boys and went to sleep. No poop or pee in the house so no worries mom :). I was real impressed that this puppy is so well trained and so young. Anyways, i just wanted to post this picture of the boys watching a movie with Tough sleeping in between them. Cute.

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