Monday, August 25, 2008

My brother Rob

Im very proud of my brother Rob. He is a Capitan in the U.S air force and has worked very hard at everything he has done for them. Just recently i visited him in Vegas where he was doing a special training. I cant explain everything they did there but all you need to know is that only 12 people in the whole air force get picked to do this training and it is real intense! Out of the 12 only 10 made it through and it was a 15 week long training in Vegas. Since we are just a drive away i cruised down their with my sister to see him graduate from the training. Way to go Rob. Ofa lahi atu.


Larry said...

That's awesome! Thank him for me. My little brother joined the Navy about 6 months ago and there's a new found respect and admiration for the military who serve our country and others around the world.

Rob said...

Thanks Jake. I am reminded ever day by the men and women that I have the privilege of leading and serving with of the great sacrifices that are being made ever day to keep our nation safe. I truly am grateful I have the opportunity to serve and give back to this great nation of ours.