Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Silly rabit keds are

Sorry lame title i know BUT pretty dang cool website. Check out: (thanks for the tip Lindsey). Now i've never worn a pair of ked shoes but what i like about this site is that it allowed me to create my own design and look on a frikin shoe! Way easier then drawing on one i'll tell you what! :). So im just getting started on this site but here is a look at what my first run was. Feel free to tell me what ya think?

So i designed them loaded them up and placed my design, i even saved it and loaded it to a store somewhere so if you want to get a pair or start designing your own check out THIS LINK. I think someones got to approve it or something. At any rate, it was fun and if i was ballin enough to pay 60 bucks for shoes that probably wont fit my tongan wide feet i might actually buy one :). For now im just liking being able to design on a cool canvas. Aloha


John & Linds said...

looks awesome

Menno said...

At first I didn't realize you designed the shoe! I just thougt you put your name on the back and that's it.

I like them!! It's not my style but I can imagine a lot of people will buy them!

Your artist name could be used as a shoe/clothes brand, yeah it looks very real! But I hope your artist name will be connected to your songs, not your shoes! :p


Jake said...

hahaha. thanks Menno. Songs coming soon :). Cubworld is about being creative in all ways so dont be surprised if you see my name on an ice cream one day too hahaha. Oh to have your name on an ice cream brand LOL :)

Cubworld ice cream: vanilla, peanut butter chips, chocolate, vanilla waffers, mmmmmmmmmm...that sounds good ;)