Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Jack Johnson is the shiz

So last night my sister watched the kids (all three of them! Thanks sis) and Mandy and I went to see Jack Johnson at the Usana Ampetheather! So much fun. That place is huge. Holds easy 20,000 people. Before the show there where booths to visit around the venue that taught you about being "green" and saving the world...that type of stuff. One of the cool things they had there was a photo booth where before you take a picture you have to push a button where you commit to do something. Honestly i cant remember the commitment hahaha but we took a fun picture. Wish we could have gotten a copy but the next best thing did happen. They picked a hand full about 20 pictures from the day and flashed them up on stage during the show. Mandy and I totally got our picture shown up on the stage! Can you say FAMOUS? LOL!

We had so much fun, singing along, and dancing. Jack was epic. He sounds so solid live and the stage lights and videos where amazing. Very inspiring and just what i needed. I didnt have a decent camera so we got camera phone shots of the night. I'll spare you the bad photos and just post one :). JACK IS THE MAN!!!

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Menno said...

I would have loved to go to that concert, but, as you know, is kind of expensive for me, as I live in The Netherlands. Hmmmm.. When will he visit us?

I'm going to find out now!

Take care!