Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Fathers Day

My dad is the man! Just yesterday someone came up to me to say hi cause they thought i looked like my dad. Sure enough i do :). When i was little people use to call me Isi all the time. I didn't think it was that cool to be called Isi till i was in high school. I guess i actually slowed my little mind down enough to realize how cool my dad actually was and is. He is a soldier in my mind. A true missionary man. He is always so full of love and focus. If you talk to my dad for more then 10 minuets you will know he has a testimony of god, family, and the gospel of Jesus Christ. He rarely gets upset. I guess being the youngest i missed out on all the Tongan style whoopings most others got LOL. Which means i just got the smack to the back of the head more haha. I know my dad loves me. I know he wants the best for me. I know my dad supports me. I know my dad is the man!! I know my dad loves my mom. Watching him and my brothers and the way they treat their spouses has taught me so much about how to be a dad and a husband. My family to put in simple terms is "THE BOMB!" I know thats a term from the 90s but its true. Isi you are the man! Happy fathers day Dad! Ofa Lahi Atu.

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