Friday, May 2, 2008

Mandy's Charity Notes

So i tried over and over to get Mandy to start blogging with me on here and i guess it takes me not nagging her to get her to blog. BUT not on this blog LOL, she wants to start her OWN blog :). I'm glad though. She's been loving reading through friends blogs and i think it was only a matter of time :) So introducing Mandy's Charity Notes blog.

Click on image to visit her blog

Ever since I've met Mandy she's had a great fascination for thing that have to do with Charity. Her favorite scriptures are about charity, her favorite stories are about charity...I love it and she herself has great charity. She is always striving to edify and love those around her. I think charity is her greatest talent. Luck me :) Love you babe.

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Marissa Joy said...

I know it has been a long time but I just had to peek in and admire your lovely family. What adoable children. Sadly I have never met your wife but she seems so sweet. I am glad that everything seems to be going well for you.