Friday, May 9, 2008


Dude living in Hawaii i miss out on my favorite show out here. There was one show i really wish i could have been at when i was big into Audioslave. Free concert on the street in Hollywood actually. Coldplay is doing 2 free shows in June but not here :(. Its all good though cause i was just looking around their website and they are COMING TO SLC!!

22/11/08: Salt Lake City, UT - USA
Energy Solutions Arena

Tickets go on sale

So i have a month to save my pennies :)


The Winsteads said...

Can't wait either. I saw Coldplay in Oakland and they were amazing. Would love to see them again. We'll see what happens. I hope you know Dave Mathews is coming here as well. That basically takes care of your three concerts to see before you die list.

Shoots cuz


Jake said...

I was just talking with mike about that today. if i see them all in the same year i'll probably die so i think i'll miss one, sorry Dave hahaha. Daves awesome but my walet says stick to my numero uno then if i get some change i'll hit up dave. What i really want is to just see Dave and Tim though. Thats my favorite show. The bands cool but not as cool as acoustic dave. The passion comes through way stronger for me. Anyways, SO FRIKIN COOL to see you guys have a blog! We never see you guys anymore. Come visit.