Monday, April 28, 2008

Fun Family Weekend

Heres the latest picture of the kids taken yesterday after church. Bella is growing up so fast and the boys are loving it. Jakey is still always asking to "see baby's eyes" and Zion screaming "MY BABY MY BABY!". Such good boys.

Good times where had this weekend with the kids. One of the highlights would be the concert at Tahitian Noni. Full seats, little kids (friends and cousins) dancing on the side of the stage, friends, family , and new comers all coming out for support and a good time. The boys had fun dancing around to the music and it was great to Have some of the Kongaika family come out. Liana, Siope and Leina came too! So nice to see them at one of my shows.

"good times, good times."


Liana said...

You were awesome by the way! We loved it and Leina had such a fun time with the boys! :)Hope to hang with you guys again soon! Love you.

The Price Family said...

She is so cute!!! All your kids are cute.. Elizabeth has the same dress but she is not able to wear it much since it is so hot here!!!

Katie & Co. said...

What a beautiful family! Can't wait to see everyone.