Thursday, April 17, 2008

DOPE SICK | Grafi-Tee Generator



Not only are we physically sick but while being sick i found this place where you can make dope sick taggings of your name. Check it out at: Graffiti Generator


kandi said...

SUPER cool graffiti name maker thing! I just got done playing with it and making my name all killer cool. BUT, I couldn't figure out how to save it like you did. Oh well...I'll figure it out! Thanks for posting it, I'm going to have fun playing around for sure!!

Jake said...

Awesome Kandi. I actually used this program on my mac that allows me to do a screen shot at any size i want and save it to my computer. For PCs you'll have to take a shot of the whole screen and crop it in some other program. Still cool though. Its fun messing with the colors. :)