Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Board and Lazy

K so Ive had an interesting time with the whole three kids thing and dealing with my weird hormones. So I feel like my poor kids are so board cuz I never wanna do anything never in the last two months. But then I think wait we do lots of stuff but then I think but mostly its watch finding Nemo. Ive been pretty lax about life latly cuz i am adjusting and trying to make sense of myself...haha. anyways I know it sounds like im rambling but maybe someone can feel what im saying. For Example. Today the kids watched finding Nemo and sesamea street and ran around the house until daddy took them out to the gym and to visit Liana. I made banana bread and put the dishes away. Thats it. I walked over my clean laundry waiting to be folded. I walked over my dirty cloths waiting to be washed. I ignored the popcorn all over the floor from last night and I took a walk with a friend. I fixed the couch and I checked my email and all the sellaband stuff and I read like 50 pages in the book a "theif in the night." some crazy cool stuff up in there:) Anyways soooo...Jakey just walked in and gave me some flowers and now im gunna give em a bath and put them to bed and then what should I do? I forgot that most of the day is also spent with my little baby on my boobie and feeling like I should be doing way way more than I am. Sooo what do I think of my self. I can always do more. anyways I need to just feel better about myself right? I mean Im not super mom and im jsut barely getting used to this whole three kids thing. oh well. try again tomorro say my prayers and do my best right?


Lynn said...

I totally understand! The whole lazily walking around laundry and popcorn thing... describes me on most days these days. My husband comes home, looks around, and says, "Uh, so what did you DO today?" And I'm like, "Nurse nurse nurse and change diapers." You'd think his mood would get me off my butt and clean things up more, but it actually just makes me feel worse and I think, "Why even try?"

A few months ago it was worse than it is now, and I started this blog: http://ourmommymoments.blogspot.com/ I felt better when I read other mommies' stories, so I started that blog. It's just getting started, but I'm hoping it can make us all just laugh about all the little things we have to go through every day. Maybe it'll help.

Low Family said...

So I can totally understand what what you are going through, except the whole nursing thing. We have gone from having a self sufficient 6 year old who could get her own breakfast and lunch to having a newborn again. My front room has been a disaster for the last 6 weeks and every day I tell myself I'll get the house cleaned up and it finally happened today, of course it was only because Court was having friend over to watch the Jazz game and I definitely made him help. Anyway, I know how you feel. I wish I could tell you it gets better, but I have no clue. I'm just going day by day! Give me a call sometime and we can do NOTHING together!!!!

Katie & Co. said...

It's hard to believe that this is something that every stay-at-home mom struggles with on a day-to-day basis. I even struggle with it, and my daughter is in school all day and I'm home by myself. Sounds wonderful, right? My dishes still aren't done, laundry still not done. It's a tough job. I'm hoping that if I start exercising a little each day that it will help boost my energy and mood.

Kaity DeMartini said...

Hi Mandy (and Jake). I found your blog the other day. Super cool! I can't believe how famous you are! That's so awesome. Anyway, I just read this post and had to leave a comment because I feel like you are describing my day. I only have two and the baby is almost 1, but I totally know exactly how you feel. You are doing a good job. I can tell by how happy everyone looks in the pictures.

Jake said...

Hey thanks guys. Makes me feel awesome that this is normal:) im not a freak and im not a bad mom:) just doing my best:) and jake has been great:) anyways lots o love..Mandy