Monday, March 17, 2008

The Story | The Short Version

Mandy and I met in 99 at EFY. I seen her around before that but we never talked till the dance at EFY. From one talk to the next i fell more and more in love with her innocents, purity, and beauty (okay cue the lame sissy music for me please hahaha). We started dating and shortly after that she moved from Honolulu to Laie, a sign? i think so. Did someone just say "Fate"? or maybe "Destiny"? I must be hearing things LOL. I left on a mission at the end of 99. She was my rock on the mission. Very supportive and motivating. After my mission i was lucky enough to find Mandy was not married yet so i jumped right on it. I wasn't trying to set any kind of record or anything but we got married 6 weeks after i got home. I just couldn't see life working out any other way looking back on it. Since 2001 we now have 2 totally fun boys Jake (5 years old), Zion (2 years old), and now the my little girl has arrived! Baby Isabella (1 month old). Through ups and downs life with mandy and my little kids has been so wonderful. I am chasing my dreams and i couldn't ask for a more understanding supportive wife. Life is good. Ofa 'i api (Love at home)

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