Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Natural High | Mandys First Blog Entry

Hey there folks. So this is my first attempt at a blog here:) Ive been trying to get on and figure out what to say. I think right now my life is a big whirlwind of love, emotions that are new and old, kisses from kids, and a whole lot of the word "Mom"..hahah:) I feel like I haven't really had a minuet to get my thoughts together.

The pregnancy went well with Bella. I got sick and stopped exercising in the beginning and gained lots and lots:D So now I have lots of work to do:D I CAN DO IT!!! anyways so we found out she was a girl at about 7 months in. We were all surprised and Jakey eventually started talking to us again:) He was just so upset that we were having "that" kind of baby. He loves her so much now and cant keep his eyes off of her. She is so lucky to have such an awesome pair of big brothers. So I was so ready to give birth in January but turns out I finally got induced on the 20th of Feb. OUCH!!

Jakey and Bella. He's always says "can i look at her eyes?"

I went in at about nine and they got things rolling at around 11. Ive never experienced such pain in my life. I thought I would go natural because I almost made it all natural with Jakey and it wasn't horrible. This was horrible! Holy crap what was I thinking!? I was all scared about the pain of the epidural or other things but when I finally got to the end nothing could phase me. I don't want to get too graphic here. Okay so here is an example. In the beginning you know how getting an IV is kinda painful not in a HUGE way but it hurts. Well I got the iv in the beginning and was so glad that was over. at the end of the day they were poking my arm all over trying to get a vain cause my iv had fallen out and it didn't hurt one bit. I could hardly tell they were touching me cause that baby was sooooooooooo causing me real pain. When we first started the lady was trying to explain what a "ten" was in pain. She said its like someone is sawing your leg off. That would be a ten. We were all like Whoa!! anyways I am not exaggerating I would rather of had my limb cut off than do that again. I really didn't think I could get through it. I was so innocent when it all started. I thought I would love to try natural and heal faster and be able to get up and walk around during labor. Oh I cringe when I see myself talking about it on the video. I think you poor poor girl. Anyways so I wasn't moving along as fast as the doctor had thought I would and I made it to an 8 and had been in hard labor for about three hours and still they thought it was gonna be a while so when I was screaming for drugs or begging what ever I cant remember that much really they said yeah lets go ahead and get the doc down here. Well turns out he was stuck with another girl and couldn't come!!! WHAT!!! anyways so I had no energy and I was loosing focus and it hurt so sososo bad...did I say that already haha.

So Bellas heart rate kept going down so every time I pushed they would push her back in and rub her head. I was pushing the docs hands away pissed that she was bugging me when I had two seconds to rest. haha...anyways I kept saying I couldn't do it and to just get her out and to just cut her out and if there was a knife I really would have tried to cut her out. anyways eventually they brought in the doctor cuz they thought I might have to have a c-section. I was all (in my head) how the heck are they gonna give me a c-section with no anesthesiologist? I was like no way a I waiting that long. It was shift change right about then so there were about 8 nurses in there with the midwives and Jake and my mom. Everyone it seemed was cheering for me and there was one voice that came in through the fog. I had just prayed for help from Heavenly Father and then these nurses started coaching me and I could just hear this one voice . I cant remember exactly what she was saying just remember thinking okay I can do this and then from nowhere came all this strength and I pulled my had from the lady who kept poking it and pushed and pushed and pushed and pushed and finally I felt that burn and I could feel her moving and then there was a snip and then there is just nothing to describe the feeling. I saw her little face and then her shoulders and i was just in heaven. I was finally done and the baby was fine and I was fine and I could not believe I had really done that!!!

I had never felt so good and so wonderful in my whole life. I don't think there is any drug that could make me feel so amazing as I felt right after I gave birth! I could fly, I could sing a thousand praises..lol...I was finally there.

Baby came out the wrong way and I guess that is why it was so hard. Dang girl:) anyways more later:) bella calls:)


betsy said...

Mandy!! Ok, that story really makes me think twice about getting pregnant again! During my pregnancy with Niki I was really scared of having a C-section and really wanted to have a natural birth. But then I had to have a C-section (she was breech) and now I am soooo scared of giving birth normally. Your little story here didn't help! I am so happy for you guys. Finally a little girl. You are so amazing. I miss your amazingness. When are coming to Hawaii for a visit? I'm glad you have a blog so I can see pictures and the happenings with you and your family. Love ya!!

Erin said...

Oh Mandy. You are amazing. What a wonderful emotion to follow such a hard labor. Was it easier to recover with the natural birth? Anyways, love ya. Hope the fam is well:)