Friday, March 21, 2008

Jakey Boy. Such a sweet kid. He is 5 and my little buddy. Sometimes im pretty hard on him but MOST of the time i treat him like my best friend ever. I like treating him like an adult (like a grownup equal) He likes to ask questions. Over and over again type of questions LOL. I dont get tired of it really. I love that his mind is always wondering about things. He has been stuck on Dinosaurs forever! Always acting like one or drawing a million pictures and naming them all. I love asking him to tell me what it is he is drawing.

Jakeys drawings blow my mind. He really thinks about what he draws. He kind of skipped the whole stick figure thing and went right into drawing people, dinosaurs, and shapes. I totally remember the first time i caught him watching me draw. Well the first time i noticed anyways. We where laying on the ground and he wanted me to draw a picture for him. Something was playing on TV (some cartoon) and i started drawing one of the characters in the cartoon for him. He would look at the TV then at me drawing back and forth till i was done. After that i would find Jakey sitting in front of the TV with his magnadoodle trying to draw things he was watching. He was 4 when he was doing this so for me it would blow my mind when he would show me detailed drawings of what he was watching. Just the other day he did an unmistakable drawing of Nemo, all his friends, the "Butt"(Boat) and the scuba diver coming to scoop Nemo up. Soon he's going to be teaching me how to draw.
Here's a little drawing he did on some note paper of Sponge Bob and his neighborhood. He even drew the ocean top with the island and clouds above. "oooooooo who live in a pinneapple under the sea!?" So cute.

Jake is such a great helper. He cleans up real good, likes cooking with mommy, puts his dirty cloths in the laundry baskets, is always looking out for his brother Zion. Actually he is pretty over protective of his little brother. I think its all good but Mandy thinks he is a little extreme. Jake wont let Zion get very close to the road without mommy or daddy around which i think is great. I'll post about Zion later but he is a hand full. I think he looks and acts like Curious George and is always wanting to get into stuff he knows hes not suppose to. Jakey knows it too and stresses out trying to help Zion learn these things too. Funny i would expect most kids to get to get in trouble together but Jakey is always trying to keep Zion in line. Thats my big boy.

Jakey has been kind of slow at learning his numbers and letters but im not to worried about it just yet. I love that he is so original. He makes up his own songs all the time and is not afraid to share his songs and his art. The other day he started rhyming. I cant wait to see if any of my kids start writing and playing music. So far i have enough kids to start a band soon :). Jake has a little guitar he likes to crack out and freestyle with all the time. Zion likes standing on it haha.

Saddens me to think he is going to start school this year. He is not my little baby anymore. He is so smart and i love watching him grow. He is teaching me so much about being a dad and enjoying life. There's so much i can say about my little buddy but one things for sure is that i love my Jakey Boy :).

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